Low Cost POS Doesn’t Have To Be Lean and Mean

BiSmart provides low cost POS Systems that support mobile e-commerce, wifi terminal and cloud, and no other POS systems can do that even though they are much more expensive than BiSmart POS. Doing more means more sales, more convenience, and higher profit margin.

BiSmart POS Systems
BiSmart POS Systems

Mobile e-commerce helps your business to provide additional sales channels and more revenue. Now, more and more people go online and place order on their smart phones. Without online presence and service, you will be at disadvantage. However, if you build your own website or app, it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars. And marketing would cost you even more.

Fingertiplife is BiSmart’s mobile e-commerce platform that provides free online service and sales channel, free e-menu with pictures for the convenience and comfort of your customers, and free marketing service.

Our wifi terminal can help restaurant attendants to place order quickly and serve more tables.

Fingertiplife provides free e-menu to restaurants and allows people to view menu and place orders on their own smart phones. There is no charge to restaurant. These functions can effectively improve your restaurant operating efficiency and save labor costs.

With cloud service, BiSmart low cost POS system allows you to manage your restaurant at anytime from anywhere. It gives tremendous convenience and flexibility to all restaurant owners.

Inventory management functions can help you accurately calculate the supply of raw materials. It also can reduce waste.


Low Cost POS With The Best Warranty

Low cost POS doesn’t mean bad warranty. In fact, BiSmart POS system has the best warranty. BiSmart promises to replace any broken hardware with new ones within the first year, which beats all competitors. Because other POS providers only repair your hardware, which can impact your business for weeks. Replacing with new hardware takes the least amount of time, thus has the minimal impact on your business.