BiSmart Food court POS system

BiSmart Foodcourt POS System Solves Line-Up Issue For Food Court

Food court quick service is different from regular restaurants. It requests fast and convenient service in order to quickly and effectively deliver food to the customers. Most POS systems are not dedicated food court POS systems and therefore can not solve all the issues facing food court operators and customers.

BiSmart Food Court POS System is just designed for food court quick service and can greatly improve the efficiency of the workflow and save a lot of effort and time for all users.

Two headaches that face food court operators and their customers:

  • Long line-ups
  • Informing customers when order is ready
  • BiSmart Solution for line-ups:

By providing order-on-phone service, BiSmart Food Court POS system allows customers to order food on their own smart phones,  thus saves the long waiting line often seen in most food court areas. Orders can then be sent over cloud to BiSmart Food Court POS system and printed out by cashier’s printer and kitchen printer as well. This way, it not only saves the line-up but also improves efficiency.

BiSmart Solution for Informing customers:

BiSmart Food court POS system uses built-in function to display order the number of each order when  it is ready. No more shouting of dinerss numbers, so you can maximize your sales revenue while you focus more on what you do best: promoting your food and providing great food quickly.