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BiSmart provides different POS system services for all types of restaurants. You can purchase POS software, touchscreen computer, thermal printers, cash drawer and related integration and data entry services from BiSmart. All our hardware comes with one year standard warranty, and we replace your broken hardware with new ones, which has minimum impact on your business. Unlike most other companies who will only repair if your hardware is broken, which takes longer time and can negatively impact your business.

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Proud Vancouver POS System Provider

BiSmart Innovations Ltd. is a proud Vancouver POS system provider serving North America. Our POS is the world’s only POS system that supports both mobile e-commerce and WiFi POS.


How can mobile e-commerce and WiFi POS help restaurants?


Imagine these scenarios:

1. Customers coming into your restaurant want to see pictures of your food before placing orders

 2. Customers want to view your menu before entering your restaurant

 3. Customer wants to order beforehand and come to pick up without waiting

4. You need to add/delete your items and change their prices sometimes

5. Delivery/takeout orders ring in at peak hours, but all your staff members are busy in helping dine-in customers. Either some calls will be missed, or some dine-in customers cannot be served immediately.

6. Due to shortage of helper’s hands, you can no longer continue your business

7. Your undertrained staff always make mistakes in taking orders

8. Your staff is busy in seating new customers and placing orders for them, that many customers who are already eating cannot get hold of servers for help

9. You want to reduce the time taken to place orders for  customers

10. Your staff cannot handle calls due to language incompetency

If you have had any of the above situations, then BiSmart Vancouver POS System with mobile e-commerce is your ideal choice. Here is why:



How BiSmart E-Mobile Solves Your Difficulty

BiSmart POS system provides e-menu, which can have pictures of all items. E-menu will not only give your customers great convenience but also allows you to change items and prices freely and easily.

The unique mobile e-business feature that BiSmart Vancouver POS System provides allows your customers to place their orders and make payment on their mobile phones, whether they are delivery/takeout or dine-in. Then these orders are handled automatically by BiSmart system. No call is needed for customers to order delivery or takeout. No more lineup for customers to make payment and no need for your staff to go back and forth to answer a hand wave, print a bill, bring bill and POS terminal to customer’s table, return POS terminal and etc. This capability can significantly reduce the amount of work and mistakes of your staff. It can also reduce your staff’s anxiety and improve efficiency dramatically.

If customers request service on their smart phones, then BiSmart POS will print those requests out to Cashier printer or any dedicated printer you set up.

The addition of mobile e-commerce simply gives you more choice but doesn’t add cost. You can choose to use or not use these features, and the total price of BiSmart POS system still stays low.


BiSmart Mobile POS

Mobile POS is an add-on to your existing POS system. Waiter/waitress can hold mobile terminal to place an order at customer’s table and send orders to kitchen directly. BiSmart mobile POS can be added to your POS system easily at extremely low cost. Please call 800-683-6119 to ask us how we do it.


BiSmart Cloud Service

With BiSmart cloud service, you can store your data in the cloud and view your business data from anywhere. For more information about cloud service, please go to Bismart Cloud Service. 

For more information about BiSmart Vancouver POS system software and hardware, please go to

BiSmart POS Software and Hardware.