BiSmart POS Hardware and Software

All the POS hardware we sell comes with one year warranty. If hardware fails in one year, we will replace with new hardware for you, not repairing for you like other companies. This way, the impact on your business can be minimized.

The POS hardware includes all-in-one touch-screen computer, thermal printer, and cash drawer. Restaurant owners can select the number of computers, printers and cash drawers they need.

The standard 15 inch and 17 inch Touch screen computer is compact, convenient and reliable. You can choose from different size and color, single or dual monitors.

Thermal printers all come with auto cutter and USB port connection to computer, Ethernet port or WiFi connecting to network.

BiSmart POS Systems
BiSmart POS Systems


BISmart POS Software

BiSmart POS software can be sold separately and integrated with any computer running Windows 7/8/10. Customer can choose POS type to be either regular or food court. BiSmat POS doesn’t rely on network to run, however, if you need cloud service, then network is necessary.

For different needs, BiSmart has different types of POS software. BiSmart Cloud POS is for restaurants that need cloud service. An example which cloud service applies is chained restaurants where a single point of management is preferred. So that the owner can view and manage all restaurants from anywhere, without going to each individual restaurant. This not only saves the owner a lot of time and increases efficiency, but also frees up the owner. So that the owner can have freedom to do  whatever he wants without worrying about his restaurants.

For restaurants that need Wifi POS, BiSmart provides POS software that runs on iOS and Android platforms. You can choose according to the hardware you have bought.

All BiSmart POS buyers will get free e-menu, which not only saves restaurants thousands of dollars, but also provides convenience and easiness for diners. E-menu allows owners to change price and picture easily without having to reprint paper menu. Reprinting paper menu will cost you more money.

All BiSmart POS software comes with 30 days tech support. After 30 days, if you want to continue tech support, it is less than $1/day.