Unique Benefits of BiSmart Mobile POS

We specialize in adding mobile POS capability for your restaurant no matter what kind of POS system you are using now. BiSmart Mobile POS provides unique benefit to your restaurant. Mobile POS can greatly increase your server’s efficiency and save a lot of labor cost. But you will find that many systems are so slow that servers would rather to write orders on paper. Besides, most systems are expensive too. BiSmart POS completely solves these issues.

Based on Fingertiplife platform , BiSmart can turn any smart phone and tablet into a mobile POS terminal. This means that your servers can use their own mobile phones to order for customers as long as we open an account for them. It will save you hardware cost. Our tests show that the time it takes BiSmart Mobile POS  to order one item is far less than 1 second, in comparison, most other Mobile POS systems take about 3 seconds.

The monthly fee of using BiSmart Mobile POS is extremely low. However, the savings for the restaurant is huge. Due to the increase of server’s productivity after using BiSmart Mobile POS, you can hire fewer servers. Just think of how much you have to pay to hire a server, then you will understand how much you can save. Those savings will become your profit. In some cases, BiSmart can help you save the number of servers by half.


Besides, BiSmart POS supports online order and payment. Customers can order and pay online from anywhere. This option can add drive-through service to your restaurant without investing in expensive infrastructures. Which saves you huge in amount of money and time. Customer self-ordering in restaurant allows your restaurant to operate without servers. This is a perfect solution to the labor shortage problem.

If you prefer, your restaurant can be displayed on Fingertiplife platform, where people can easily find and navigate to your restaurant.  Furthermore, people can view your menu on their phones. This is a great way of showcasing your food and it helps attract customers coming to your restaurant.


Hardware Requirement

BiSmart Mobile POS software can run on any Android or Apple phones or tablet. So you can choose based on your preference or cost. A computer running Windows 7 and up with a printer is required to in order for Mobile point-of-system to work. If you have POS computer already, there is no need to change your computer or your POS software, as long as it is Windows 7 or up. If your restaurant doesn’t have a computer, we can provide touch screen computer, POS software, and printers.