BiSmart Restaurant POS system


Saves Money and Improves Efficiency

The first and only restaurant POS system that supports mobile e-business, mobile, and Cloud , BiSmart POS system can help save money, increase sales, and make your management much easier. BiSmart Restaurant POS can save you money in many ways. This includes lower upfront cost, lower total cost of ownership. Besides,  there is no need to build your own websites, because BiSmart POS system provides you better choice with multiple online platforms.

Owning a BiSmart Restaurant POS system costs you only a fraction of the price you pay for other POS. The upfront cost of BiSmart Restaurant POS is less than 1/4 of traditional POS. The training time needed for BiSmart Restaurant POS system is only 30 minutes, in comparison, other POS  requires days in training. If you call by the end of this month, you could enjoy up to 50% of all Bismart products and services. Call now:800-683-6119.

Due to its intuitive interface and abundant features, BiSmart Restaurant POS system can help you run your business effortlessly. Its can save money by reducing theft, doing automatic bookkeeping, and reducing waste.


Basic Functions

BiSmart POS is a dedicated restaurant POS that gives you abundant features to help run your business. It includes dozens of basic functions and value added functions.


Value Added Functions

Besides those basic functions, BiSmart Restaurant POS also has value added functions such as graph display of sales and income. Other features include split payment, delivery/pickup, reservation, and menu change.


BiSmart Delivery/Pickup Management

Those restaurants who use BiSmart POS find increased servers’ efficiency and reduced human errors in delivery/takeout order taking. BiSmart POS can display the order history of customers and quickly place order for them. The address of existing customers will be able to add automatically to customers order.


Mobile Terminals

Through using BiSmart Mobile Terminals, restaurants can save their labor cost by hiring fewer servers.  Besides eliminating intensive paper operations, mobile terminals can lead to faster table  turnover and thus higher sales.


Free e-Menu and In-Store Service

BiSmart provides free e-Menu to restaurants who buys BiSmart Restaurant POS. E-Menu can make ordering much easier with pictures of each item. BiSmart Restaurant POS also allows customers to order food and make payment on their smart phones. Then cashier’s printer and kitchen printer will print those orders out. Using this feature will save labor cost. In addition, diners in restaurants can request service over their smart phones. These features are very convenient to diners and also help the restaurants to improve their service quality.


Mobile e-business

We live in an era that is called e-business era. It is so important for restaurants to have e-business. Mobile e-business means that your customers can place order and make payment from anywhere. The transactions can be done on customers’ phones. Thus restaurants with e-business tend to position themselves at great advantage over their competitors. But it will cost thousands of dollars to build your own website and mobile app.  BiSmart Restaurant POS system users can enjoy e-business service easily. Call us for more information.


Cloud Service

If you want to travel but worry about your business, then BiSmart Cloud POS can help you. Based on leading edge cloud computing technology, BiSmart system allows you to monitor and  manage your business anywhere from any device connected to the internet.