BiSmart Cloud POS system

For owners of chained restaurants, it is important to have Centralized Management of all your restaurants. Without centralized management, you have to go to each restaurant to get data and report, which will waste your precious time and money. BiSmart Cloud POS system helps you solve that problem by providing one-point access management over all of your restaurants.

Most POS systems provide some sort of management tools, such as sales report and etc. But you have to go to the specific restaurant to do your management and get the data you need. For a single restaurant, that is not a problem. But for chained restaurants, that is not practical. BiSmart Cloud POS system provides you single point of access to all of your restaurants. You can manage all restaurants and get sales data of all your restaurants or a single restaurant from one simple login. You can do it in your office, at home, or anywhere around the world. All these data are real-time, giving you the fastest updates on the operation of your business.

If your restaurants are located widely in or going to be expanded into different cities, states/provinces, or even different countries,  then you will definitely need these features. BiSmart Cloud POS allows you to set up accounts for managers of each chain restaurant. Therefore you can check your managers at any time. Your managers also can do their due diligence and use their supervision to manage.

BiSmart Cloud POS system is the world’s first and only POS system that supports cloud, mobile e-commerce and WiFi terminals, which can save you costs and improve your efficiency dramatically. The upfront cost of BiSmart Cloud POS system is just of a fraction of those traditional POS systems and the total cost of ownership is less than 1/5 of those traditional ones.